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Providing maximum value for our selected business partners through our community for parents-to-be.

Baby Mam is a fast growing European company that can deliver everything from visibility and insights to qualified leads and new customers for our selected partners.

With a relevant European presence, Baby Mam will be able to deliver visibility, deep insights and highly qualified leads to both pan-European and local companies. You will be able to directly expose your brand to one of the most interesting target groups -> parents-to-be.

Our APIs will make your job easier: data reports, analysis, direct business integration, CRM integration, and many more.

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  • Get high exposure of your brand to a specific target group
  • Add links to your landing page or specific content/offers
  • Possibility to reach all pregnant women or narrow down the target audience to specific weeks or trimesters
  • Get data insights to better understand your target audience
  • Generate highly qualified leads and grow your revenue
  • Pay per unique read, view, lead or insight and get monthly reports or live reporting (APIs)


Display ads Display ads

Display ads

Promote your products and articles to get maximum value and exposure.

Video Ads

Video Ads

By showing 5-15 seconds of video ads you get fantastic exposure of your brand and products. Including the possibility to add a direct link to your web page.

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Data insights

We help you get the invaluable insights you need to better understand your target audience.

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Lead generation

Our users are your future customers and we help you reach them.

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Fredrik Bengtsson
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